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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by rinker250
Manuel, just 3 far
I frequent another board with NFL as the topic.
It is sad to listen to the Pats fans complain about the refs and say that the game was fixed. Each play they bring up either wasn't a bad call or would not have determined the outcome.
Reminds me of me when it comes to me and my Chargers.

Another thing they OVER gloat about are the records the Pats set.
589 points in a season? That is 36 points per game-61 Bears averaged 38.
Moss' 23 TD's that is 1.44 per game- Rice had 1.46 per game in 1987.

16 game season records don't mean much when you compare them to 12,14 and 15 (strike shortened 1987)
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