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1. How is the cruise in general?
-The 9NT Cruise I was on was awesome! Plenty of time to get use to the ship and have a good time.

2. How is the food?
-The food was great, and there wasn't any complaints that I can think of

3. How is the ship?
-The ship is in great condition for being 7 years old. Lots to do on-board!

4. What is this curfew I hear about, and how strict is it on EoS?
-Unless participating in a Teen Activity, all minors must not be in public areas after 1AM unless with an adult. It was enforced on my cruise due to the numerous amounts of people on board but towards the end of the cruise they really didn't care if we were still out after 1AM.

5. How is teen life like on EoS?
-Its a lot of fun, especially when you meet new people and hang out together. Besides Optix, many teens went to see shows together and karaoke, when on board a lot of times we went to the Cafe Promenade and
hung out there for a while. There were nights when we went into the Adults Nightclub and had a dance party there and some where else besides Optix.

6. Are the teen parties good on EoS?
-They were good, mostly because of the numerous teens on board during the cruise!

7. For those who have taken a cruise out of NJ in the winter, how many days about will it be cold?
-I went on a cruise from NJ in November and it took only 1-2 days before it was hot. Don't worry if its too cold to be outside there is plenty to do inside the ship.
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