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Sorry this got lost in my after cruise "stuff" and then missed on my "read" list.

The overall cost of my cruise was effected with a last minute price reduction that we were able to act upon, even after final payment was made.

Here are the "majority" of our cruise costs. I won't include the costs we incurred in celebrating with our family in Sao Paulo or the cost of souvenirs.

Balcony Cabin (2 people) $2700
Air fare: $785 per person
Total Onboard expenses: $740, including gratuity and gift shop purchases. We also had $120 in pre-ordered bar set up. That was just two bottles of liquor and we ended up receiving four. They told us to just keep them. (Want a bottle of scotch?)

Pre-cruise excursion to Iguacu Falls (on our own, 3 people, with 3 nights at Mercure International Hotel) $1650. This includes activities at the falls: Helicopter, Macuco River Boat and Power Plant. It also included 3 days of car rental and a taxi to Paraguay.

Car Rental in Itajai: $79. Meals were approximately $75 for two days.

Private guide and driver for two days in Rio: $385 (I've had better guides. Tipped the driver but not the guide. The guide owned the business) Dinners in Rio: $150. We bought for four people in Rio.

Less than $20 for taxis and $50 for admission to cemeteries and churches in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. We spent $90+ for dinner in Argentina.

Taxi from Santos to Rio: $125. We had family take us to the ship. I imagine the cost would have been about the same from Sao Paulo to the ship.

The total "cruise" cost was:

$2700 Cruise: Balcony Cabin
$1570 Air (Economy from Minneapolis) Cruise air was $600
$ 740 Onboard Expenses
$ 120 In-Cabin Bar setup. It's expensive but beats schlepping.
$ 125 Transfer from ship to Sao Paulo

$5255 Total

Excursion costs:

Iguacu from Sao Paulo: 3 people for 3 days: $1650
Car Rental in Itajai: $79
Food in Itajai: $75 (approx.)
Food in Argentina: $90
Food in other places:$80
Taxis: $25
Other Food $305

Total "Excursion" costs $2304

Total Cost of Cruise and Excursions: $7559 for two. Sometimes more people on shore.

$3779 per person or, $314.92 pp/pd, isn't too bad for a twelve day cruise and a lot of "stuff".

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