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Trip, you are right about GEM, she is wonderful and we loved it, I dont know why we liked DAWN a little better, but just a little, amybe because we really found the large atrium screene noisey and very irritating after a few days . others complained, to the point they had to turn down the sound as those in the internet area, right next to it, we not happy campers.........It was just so LOUD ( And I am deaf with hearing aids) they need to move the art gallery, which by the way was supposed to be the internet area, and then maybe it will be less of a bother. I guess they put the art gallery there to try and get people more interested? I dont know, I never even look at it. I like the pool are on GEM much more, I like the layout of places to eat better on DAWN. The cabins are about the same, insides are a little smaller. Service was excellent on DAWN and GEM. Also, with only one staircase in the atrium on GEM, it makes taking pictures a real pain in the butt. So, I like the traditional two staircases on DAWN better, one on each side. I also miss the music in the atrium nightly, which is now that large screene. We are planning the renamed JADE for next year.
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