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Originally Posted by divetrash
Originally Posted by lhp
Have always loved your lists on both sites!!!

One small correction, the Mikael Smith on the Celebration is a different Michael Smith that just got off the Legend.

Who would have thought that Carnival would have two "Michael" (Mikael) Smith in the Piano Bar.

I sailed with Michael on the Miracle in 06 and was so excited when a friend of mine said Michael Smith was on the Fantasy. It was the Mikael on the Fantasy....but we still had a great time!!

I just got an email from Michael and he said he is taking a break for awhile before heading back out...but he did not say where....

Laura: I just saw your name on the Cruisemates Bloggers are the reason I am booking with Cruisemates!!!! Can't wait to meet you!!!
Thanks LHP! Fancy meeting you here! You're coming on the Bloggers v2.0?!?! Fabulous! I can't wait to meet you too. Make sure you let Kuki know. This cruise is going to be so much fun. So Ron wants to do the piano bar for that cruise. That would rock! But I'm sure whoever we end up with, between you and me we can liven things up a bit.

Re: Mikael. I had him listed as Mikael, but then I got my hot little hands on a semi official Carnival list and they had him listed as Michael. I will switch it back. I'm just waiting for word on a couple of other changes too


You are just tooo good!!!

The only way I can keep them straight is that Mikael is from Jacksonville, Fl (which is probably why he loves playing on the Celebration) and Michael is from New Jersey!

I don't know if a Carnival ship can handle BOTH of us being there at the same time!!! But it sure will be fun to find out!!!

Steve and I did some of the best duets on the Imagination last week. I LOVE to sing harmony. (more than singing lead)

I can't book until the end of the month....(waiting for American Express points) but Kuki told me how to do it so that my PVP can get credit and then I can transfer it to Cruisemates!!!

I don't who I am more excited about seeing...John and Heidi or you and Kuki!!!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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