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Originally Posted by shoreguy
Originally Posted by a_langett
When hopefully the SS US will replace her!! I hate what they did to the NORWAY and the INDY, hopefully they will the SS US and not just scrap her like they did the others. They took artwork and things from Indy before taking her to India...hopefully these will be used on the SS US.

Hey I got a bridge you can buy I think pigs will fly before the SS US carries another passenger. It is a shame but more then likely a fact.

I has sadden with the news of the POAL leaving the fleet. There was such hope to establish a viable US passenger fleet again. Everything lined up against it. Some self inflected and some outside the control of NCL.
Shoreguy, I agree with you, SS US will not carry passengers again and I am sorry about what seems to be happening. I was so sure NCL could pull this off.

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