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Originally Posted by divetrash
Originally Posted by lhp

Steve and I did some of the best duets on the Imagination last week. I LOVE to sing harmony. (more than singing lead)

I don't who I am more excited about seeing...John and Heidi or you and Kuki!!!

How did you enjoy Steve on the Imagination. Give us a review! (and on the other board too).

Don't tell John that you're more excited about meeting me and Kuki. He'll pout... ! Cute....very cute.


Steve was a super nice guy. I believe (if I remember correctly in the "haze" I call my memory) that he has been with Carnival for 2 years.
(either 2 years or 2 contracts????)

He plays very well. He is actually self taught. I have had 10 years of piano lessons and gone through the National Student Musicians Guild and I can't do what he does!!!

He does not use any "musical enhancements". No mini-keyboards, or drum effects....just the piano and the microphone.

He voice is more to the gruff side than the smooth side. I believe he has a 200 song selection. He puts the books out on the piano with his list.

He and I did several duets and I did some solo stuff. He only had one mic and that made the duets a little difficult. I MUST prefer duets to solos. I have a harmony HOUND!!!! LOVE IT!! If I had my choice, I would be a backup singer before I would be a lead singer any time!!!

I had some music with me "Chances Are" by (Bob Seger and Martina McBride) and we worked on that. It was a duet that I was doing with another passenger in karaoke.

He had a good following every night with a lot of repeat customers. His tip jar looked pretty full every night. (one of the signs I look for)

He is pretty much up for anything....except drinking. He doesn't drink.

A lot of fun. I would be happy to see him on the Entertainment board when we boarded the ship!

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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