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Spot on! (Your TA instincts are good and welcome.)

I do enjoy the good service and I do enjoy the formal nights.

Again, if I were to sail NCL, I have a better understanding of what to expect and I will not be faced with unfulfilled expectations.

I am looking for influences to help me change my perception. Their commercials influence me to think poorly of them. Anyone who attacks what I enjoy will tend to repel me. A better approach for me is to invite me to try something new that you think I will enjoy.

So I am looking to those loyal to NCL to compensate for the impact that the NCL advetising has made upon me and share with me their unbiased experiences. If they are appealing to me, I will reconsider my perception of NCL.

However, as another poster stated, I should go with my parents preference due to their age and position in life.

It's nice to receive such well thought out responses.
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