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Kuki, i noticed you made a couple of slight wording errors i your post regarding your visit to GRAND TURK.

The hot spot in town seems to be the Hookie Pookie Pizza Palace.
the place is called "mookie pookie" and pritty much 80% of the residents here dont concider it a "hot spot"

I was only half kidding when I asked the people selling the hop on hope off bus tickets if there was more than 1 stop.
There is in fact 4 stops on that tour. 2 in the town area, one at the lighthouse and one at the salt salinas.

There is a hop on, hop off bus available at the cruise ship center, for a cost of $40 per person. I thought the price was exorbitant
don't forget the islands gas price is pritty much $5.70 per gallon, thus the price is well inline with general island prices. and don't forget the 30% duty paid on any items imported to the island (buses inclused) plus that tour price incluses admitance to the historic jail in town, and enterence to the lighthouse park area.

Interestingly the government of the Turk & Caicos has been in talks with the government of Canada to encourage making these islands a part of Canada;
from an islanders point of view. its the canadians who are in talk with the TCI government. and the TCI government don't really want to have canada take over the place. if thats the right wording to your post.

he place was very busy, and no one seemed to be trying to sneak their own liquor into the bar, even though prices are quite outrageous.
its ilegial to take any liquor out of the duty free store on the island and use for consumption. and again, 30% duty is charged on "any" item brought to the island. thus food and drink prices are all relevent to the cost and marks up required to meet company expectations.
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