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Last September the sniffer dog, a very handsome black lab, was checking out the luggage only, not passengers.

I am curious, why is your daughter afraid of dogs? Was she bitten or scared early on? I was bitten by a collie mix when I was 5, but I didn't have any problems, probably because my own dog (a mini poodle) and any my cousins poodle would snap and bite at me any chance they could. I didn't have a problem with other breeds, but the poodles I knew, good grief! Have you considered getting her help to get over her fear. I have to admit, some dogs do scare me, but you can usually tell when you look at then for a few seconds of they are friendly or not. Personally, I am a cat person, but I do like dogs (cats eat less, easier to care for, and easier to cuddle/snuggle when you need a snuggle/cuddle!).

The only thing you can do if she can't get over th e fear is to tell her the dogs are there to work and they will not interact with you, even if they are sniffing you out waiting at baggage claim. A child freaking out is a sure way to get yourself checked by customs.....

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