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Default Day 2: Fun Day At Sea

Day 2

Saturday February 9 2008: Fun Day @ Sea. We both slept in, it's very unlike the 2 of us, at home I am usually up at 3-4am and the Mrs is up by around 6am or so. There is something that has a hypnotic effect on the two of us sleeping in a pitch dark inside cabin. On cruises, I am usually up just before the crack of dawn and out on the deck power-walking while listening to my 70's rock collection on my MP3 player. Not this time around though. We were out of the cabin just in time for lunch which we had in the Imagination Dining Room. You access this dining room from deck 8 in the atrium area. I have always thought of the Elation's atrium as one of the nicest, in subdued tones, I still think it is so after so many years and so many different cruiseships later. Again, both the Imagination Dining Room and the Atrium have held up well to 10 years of continous service. After lunch, we headed up to the Lido Deck, the Mrs wanted to check out the guys participating in the Hairy Chest Contest while I just sniggered and licked my vanilla icecream cone An elderly gentleman took 1st place and it was nice for a change seeing Carnival give out something more than a lousy plastic ship on a stick! First prize was a Carnival Bathrobe, they sell those for $89!!! After that I went to check out the Art Auction while the Mrs sucked up some sun on Lido Deck. Mid-afternoon we went to the Mikado Lounge to see the NewlyWed, Not So Newlywed game. We tried to participate but didn't quite make it this time around, even though the cruise director Lesley Gray knew beforehand that we have a reputation of being Carnival's undefeated champs of this game! I personally did not like Lesley's take on the game because she had the guys go to a "soundproof" backroom of sorts and just asked the questions to the girls. The guys never made it out of the backroom until the game was over so it gives you the feeling that the girls are playing by themselves. The guys just answered thru a microphone. They just had to guess the wives' answers, usually the second part of the game the girls go backstage and the guys answer the questions....The final part is when both husbands and wives check off how many matches they had......did not work this way on this cruise. But a game is a game is a game. Come 3.30pm and we head to Duke's Piano Bar for High Tea, and the Captain don't drink no tea. But the Mrs does so while she sipped different kinds of tea and made small talk with the ladies, I turned my attention to the mini-sandwiches and the scones, which I must say were both EXCELLENT. After that, once again it was siesta time for me and the Mrs, and you know the drill by now.... Tonight it's formal night although this time around I see that Carnival called this Cruise Elegant Night, even on the Capers.
It's now 7:15pm and time for Captain Salvatore Messina's Reception, aka, the Captain's Party. The Cruise Director introduced the Captain who in turn introduced the senior officers to the crowd present in the Mikado Lounge. I noticed some people making pigs out of themselves and taking advantage of the free-flowing booze and stuffing themselves silly! And one guy in particular was really being a PITA with one of the servers, yelling and shouting that his section was not being served often/frequently enough. I guess there is always at least one in every crowd.
The Maitre d' Ante introduced us to Captain Messina, he's a real charmer, shaking hands with me and kissing the Mrs' hand! I told him, "Hey, what about me?" He said he could kiss my hand too if that is what I wanted! We all had a great laugh at that one. We chatted very briefly with the Captain and he did inform us we were welcome to visit the bridge the following day to see the ship set sail out of Cabo San Lucas! Needless to say, we wholeheartedly accepted. It is now dinnertime,
that darn cigar odor was again present as you enter the Inspiration Dining Room and I did notice that many of the tables close to the entrance were empty tonight, I assumed the passengers sitting there must have been reassigned to other tables away from the cigar odor making its way downstairs from the Cigar Bar (Gatsby's) upstairs. We had the lobster, which seems to be getting smaller and smaller (I will make some final observations/constructive criticism at the end of the review on food and other matters). The Mrs had the chocolate melting cake, she really digs that and she also likes to end dinner with a capuccino. After dinner we headed to the Mikado Lounge again, this time to see the Rhythm show, which was so, so. The plan was to go to the midnight R-rated adult comedy show performed by comedian David Sayh but decided to call it quits instead since we were planning on getting off the ship early in Cabo San Lucas the following morning and drive up north in a rental car....More of that on Day 3. Before we retired for the night, we did stop by and had a look at the Gala Buffet at 11.15pm, there were all sorts of wonderful desserts, cakes, pastries. All could be had at 12.15am, allowing for an hour of picture taking opportunity.

Day 3 follows later on................

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