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Originally Posted by You
I have been there to soon2bgreene. I was working at McDonalds at age 17. I was wearing my uniform working in the Drive Thru. Some guy told me "nice Ti!s!" I gave him back his change and said "Thank You." Getting mad would only be playing into his hands and could get me fired. But those are the type of things you have to deal sometimes. Just because we gotta them doesn't give men the right to say whatever they feel. However, at this point in my life I have dealt with this type of behavior from both men and women So I think I will just wear what I please and the heck with everyone. I like my underwire bra, it lifts (no padding) it's not a miracle bra, I don't need a miracle.
Um, yes....

The government has passed laws governing "sexual harassment" in the workplace that pretty well regulate what a company can allow one's managers and one's coworkers to do, but it's rather difficult to extend these laws to the behavior of boorish customers.

And perhaps on this note I should just plead guilty to sexism in the way that I treat waiters and waitresses in restaurants. FBOW, I will often catch a pretty waitress who delivers a good-looking steak or whatever to my table off-guard with a comment to the effect that, "to a hungry guy, it looks almost as terrific as you do!" And I guarantee that a waiter won't get the same compliment, no matter how handsome he is!

Originally Posted by You
Also try buying a swimsuit without looking like a street walker it's difficult I have been to 13 stores and I haven't found anything. No halter swimsuits for me.
I don't understand. Halters usually provide decent support for buxom ladies. Could you post a pic showing the problem?

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