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Default Another Fun Day @ Sea

Day 5

Tuesday February 12 2008: At Sea We both slept in, I just couldn't get myself to drag my butt, or the Mrs butt out of bed! My feet were killing me, I still felt very tired!
It's 11am and we are still in bed, when she suddenly yells, "Get out, shave and shower and I'll follow you, and make it quick" I says to myself, "What the heck is she up to now?" Well surprise! surprise! it seems that all of a sudden, the Mrs remembers she had 2 entries to the Slot Tournament, so here we are at 12 Noon in the Casablanca Casino and the Mrs is playing her first was a no 5 minutes of slot play, she only garnered 29,000 odd points. I told her we have had no freaking breakfast yet apart from coffee, it's lunchtime and here you are playing the Slots. As the devil would have it, in her second entry she hits 149,820 points and propels herself to the top of the list of 8 qualifying for the finals at 3pm. Good, now we can go eat. We had lunch at the Imaginaton Dining Room, after that we did some shopping in the duty free store, we bought a couple of bottles of liquor and some Calvin Klein men's fragrance for our son. At 1.30pm we attended the Art Auction but there really was nothing going on in there, most of the paintings went unsold and the bidders present were only purchasing the "art" the auctioneer was giving away for next to free. As they say in Mexico, ALMOST FREE! Next we went to the the Ice Carving Demonstration on Lido Deck followed by the Horseracing event in the Drama Bar. Trust the Mrs to put down some of my cash on a losing horse! Come 3pm and it's now time for the Slots Tournament Grand Final, we head back to the Casino and to our amazement, the Mrs is still #1 on the List of Finalists.
Automatically because she qualified as a finalist she won me XXL Carnival Ocean Players Club T-shirt and a nice Ocean Players Club polo shirt. Oh she also won an Ocean Players shining plastic necklace for herself! So anyways, despite my rooting for her and cheering her on during the final plays, she did not do as well in the final round and that $500 prize eluded us! At tea-time I was paged by the Purser's Desk and Melissa there told me my Carnival shareholder's member benefit of $50 onboard credit had finally posted to my account, I was not counting on that credit actually making it since we only booked the day of sailing. Oh by the way, 2 Booboos happened today if you ask me. #1, The scheduled Debarkation talk by the cruise director was canceled, no reason was given although it was rescheduled for the last day of the cruise. And the shopping consultant gave a shopping talk about our last port of call the following day, Ensenada and she had the wrong arrival and departure times, she said 9am to 5pm versus our actual times in Ensenada of 1pm to 7pm. So, the fool :evil: was directing passengers to attend this drawing in this Carnival-recommended store at 10.30am and another drawing at another Carnival-recommended store at 11..30am when we were not even scheduled to arrive in Ensenada until 1pm!!!
We attended the SPIN production show at 7pm, it was one of the better shows of the cruise followed by dinner in the Inspiration Dining Room.
We decided to hang around until 11pm to attend Merl Hobbs Late Night Special R-Rated Adults Only Comedy Show. Funny, very funny, although I have a feeling some topics/subjects that were the brunt of his jokes, he would not even touch with a 10-foot pole if he was performing that act on land in the United States. Straight to bed after that.

Last day of the cruise, day 6 follows shortly.

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