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Hi Norm,
Sorry I didn't buy the halter swimsuit so no picture will be posted. I really appreciate your willness to help me and my cleavage.

Oh a just to let you know the time I was oggled by a woman it was a tablemate on the Infinity (Celebrity). She did it all 12 nights of my Alaskan cruise. She was bold with my hubby sitting there. We switched seats so I didn't have to sit by her. We should have asked to change seats after the first dinner.I have been on Carnival and have not had that problem. So I think it's less a cruise line problem and just a bad luck issue. There is one in every crowd no matter the cruise line.

I have been on 4 day cruise on Carnival and there is a party atmosphere but nothing that has gotten out of hand. I like the party atmosphere it makes it fun for me. But if you go on a cruise to relax then Celebrity is more for you. There is a cruise line of everyone that is the great thing about cruising.
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