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Default Last Day Of The Cruise - Ensenada

Day 6

Wednesday February 13 2008: Crappy weather today, cold, humid and overcast as we make our way to Ensenada. I woke up early, had breakfast and went back to bed. We finally alight from our cabin at lunchtime and ate at Tiffany's Grill, they had a nice buffet going of Japanese food. The place was busy like crazy with everyone trying to get lunch done and over with by the time we arrive in Ensenada, which was to be around 1pm. Believe it or not, we were in the buffet line about 20 minutes until it was our turn! :evil:
We head ashore soon after arrival and head to downtown to pick up our Hertz rental. We have rented from Hertz in Ensenada before, they have an office just off the main drag in downtown, about a 10-minute walk from the ship. We were on our way quickly and headed out to Estero Beach, naturally because of the weather, no one was swimming there but it's a nice spot to park for a while and enjoy the view of the bay and the city.
Then on thru the valley passing by a few wineries along the way and shortly thereafter we headed out on the peninsula road leading to La Bufadora, the blowhole! Lousy day to make the drive there, visibility was
poor, it was cold and very humid too. You park next to this open-air market with hundreds of vendors that hound you to death trying to sell you their wares. They mean no harm, they're only trying to eke out a living. But yes, they can be annoying especially when they do not take a "No gracias, senor" for an answer! Well we walk out to the blowhole, visibilty was really poor and the water splash from the blowhole felt like freezing cold! We decided that we had been there, done that before and decided to head back to town. We decided to park on Juarez Avenue which is a couple of blocks north of the tourist area and strolled around for a while. Juarez Avenue is the main shopping street in Ensenada. Many shops were selling all sorts of gifts for San Valentino, February 14th and I bought the Mrs a white teddy bear with a red Te Amo (I Love You) heart! At least that cheered her up a bit cuz the Mrs unlike the Captain, she don't like the cold, humid weather! So, wallking down Calle 6 (6th Street) we come across these couple of buses with passengers from the ship, they were getting off the buses and walking into the Santo Tomas Winery, on the spur of the moment the Mrs and myself decided to crash the party and tag along. So we got a free tour of the winery, some bread and cheese and quite a few sample cups of wine, red white and I think purple! Thank God the Hertz office was just around the corner, so to speak. Around 6pm, we returned the car, the guy offered to give us a ride back to the ship but we decided to walk the walk. On our way out of Ensenada, there weren't that many people out on the deck for the sailaway, it was rather chilly and windy. We had our final dinner in the Inspiration Dining Room, I had the Escargots (snails) they are MY FAVORITE!!! Followed by a chewy Chateaubriand (aka Filet Mignon) steak. The Mrs had her final fill of melting chocolate cake plus a serving of Amaretto Cake. We gave our waiter Jaime an additional tip as he was really good to us all week long and put up with our antics of me wanting ICE COLD water, the Mrs wanting her water at room temperature (she has a sensitive tooth) and her also wanting decaf the moment we sat down for dinner and having her glass replenished. I stuck with my red wine and Jaime saw to it that he kept pouring as the glass emptied. I think he was one of the best waiters we ever had on any cruise. We said our goodbyes and on our way out I also gave a small tip to Ante, the Maitre d'. For all he did for us, he really earned and deserved his tip. At 10.30pm, there was the usual last show of the cruise, the Carnival Legends. To us it's a glorified karoake event without the screens and the lyrics so we decided to pass on this one too.
But many cruisers just love this event and I know that on many cruises the theatres/lounges are usually "sold out" for this event. The Mrs decided to tempt Lady Luck one last time at the casino and I stayed with her until she lost it ALL! Then it was off to bed for the final night's sleep.

I will conclude this review later on with a brief post about debarkation in San Diego and also some constructive criticism/personal observations.

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