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Originally Posted by You
this will be our first cruise (July 08) I chose anytume dining just so that we were not locked into a specific time everyday. I understand from Princess the menu is exactly the same as traditional, however with all the fuss on these posts I'm starting to wonder if I made a mistake and should cange. Looking for some reasonable advice. I'm traveling with two teens and had them take part in the decision. Is anytime a bad choice ?
Personally, I despise "Anytime Dining" for several reasons.

>> 1. In "Traditional Dining," one has the same tablemates throughout the cruise and thus a chance to build new friendships that often endure past the cruise. And if you get stuck with a rare bad match, you can always see the maitre d'hotel to request a change for the next evening. In "Anytime Dining," you probably end up with different tablemates every evening so you don't really get to know one another very well.

>> 2. In "Traditional Dining," your waitstaff get to know your preferences on the first couple evenings of the cruise and thus anticipate your requests thereafter. As a result, they can provide a much higher level of service. In "Anytime Dining," you probably will have different waitstaff every evening so most don't even bother to try to remember your preferences. As a result, service suffers.

>> 3. The seatings of "Traditional Dining" are synchronized with the shows and other evening entertainment and events. As a result, many passengers in "Anytime Dining" inevitably end up dining within a few minutes of the times of "Traditional Dining" anyway, and those who don't miss out on some great entertainment!

>> 4. There are some things, like the traditional Parade of the Baked Alaska, that happen only in "Traditional Dining" because they have to be synchronized with the courses of the meal, which is not possible in "Anytime Dining."

The difficulties in obtaining "Traditional Dining" on Princess's ships was a major factor in my decision to change to Celebrity in 2003.

Of course, YMMV....

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