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Hi Calif. Dave,

Did you have any success in finding out if there are any other gays on our cruise?

I get a big laugh out of your questions below every time I read them. Did you originate those? Very clever!

My boyfriend and I had a rule about passing gas in close quarters. I always made him leave the room even if it was cold outside.

He and I actually did go on a cruise several years ago and the people we were with (all gay) did order 4-5 entrees and several salads or desserts. I was embarrassed.

Counting down to booze cruise.


Here are my Top Five questions that I will ask of each guy who replies to this ad:

•Do you really consider 5 liters of rum something an “average drinker? would consume on a 7-day cruise?

•Does “sleeping in? mean you will be up at 6am instead of 5am?

•What is your definition of “staying up late?? (hint: 10PM is the wrong answer)

•Are you a gentleman who is courteous of others and does his best to refrain from breaking wind or do you like to let them RIP on a whimsy with disregard for others in your immediate vicinity?

•Will you be embarrassing me at the dinner table by ordering 4 entrees and 7 desserts?
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