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Default Re: 40 yo SF looking 4 cabin mate 4 NCL Caribbean Cruise 11/


Sounds like you had a blast. My kiddo has one unconscious diver rescue to go and he's a PADI Jr. Rescue Diver and Jr. Master Diver. Meanwhile I have his scout buddies doing the Lifesaving Merit Badge at 10:00. He's not quite too cool for dad yet.

Lights will help for color restoration at depth or for poking around. Down on our coast we have rigs and pipes and such where octopi hang out. Victor, a fellow pro recently had his light and was tapping on a pipe with the handle of his dive knife when the octopus inside made a grab for his gear.

Surprized on the state of the reef balls - a few dozen different critters were hanging there when I last looked. BTW, we feed the freshwater perch, bass, and catfish hotdogs with no harm. Freshwater turtles, too. Just have to watch out because these guys can nip. Also, BTW, you can get small drybags at sporting goods stores which are great to keep what needs to be kept dry from the elements on boat trips, although thick mil garbage bags work in a pinch and will spot you as a small rain poncho.

Enjoy cruising and hanging with the fishies. If you like these guys, you should see manatees. Crystal River in Florida is a good spot for snorkeling with them.


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I was supposed to cruise Thanksgiving but son Stephen and I worked on an Eagle service project with our scout troop instead. We have had to call all our scheduled open water dives in the past months due to work. Weekends have been booked with hiking, swim-dive-snorkel-lifesaving, or horsemanship sessions for our scouts headed to Florida Seabase, Philmont and a cavalcade at Bufallo Trails Scout Ranch.

Victor and Trey, fellow dive pros, did a CPR class for my company today and Victor was razzing me at lunch as he just came back from diving with tiger and hammerhead sharks with Maggie, one of our young divers about my son's age. Last dive I managed was just a pool dive for an ROTC class of 20 about 2 weeks ago.

There is much to see out in the saltwater and you can also get underwater fish slates or flip cards if you want to keep track of who is who. Was your buddy using a slate to ID the fish? I'm becoming an underwater sign language instructor to be able to communicate hands free with my scouts underwater.

So far I'm scheduled to solo the Eurodam in the fall and still looking to catch the Rotterdam (transatlantic?) this year.

Assume you snorkeled HMC by boat? Get to shore snorkel to see the reef balls inside the roped swim area on the beach? Nice assortment of critters have moved into the artifical reef structure. BTW, 2008 is International Year of the Reef!

Have fun up in PA. My kiddo's a twig of the old Boone family from up there and we just had the "joy" of finding that Britney Spears is kin.
That's too bad you didn't get to cruise over the fall/winter. But the other stuff sounded fun too, do stuff with your son before he's "too cool" to hang with his dad. lol

My snorkel guide is a PADI rescue diver and can identify 90% of creatures in a reef (according to a test he took online). We found a lobster shell in one of the norman Island caves, and he told me there must be an octopus in there. Luckily, he had a nice camera set-up with a spotlight which helped.

I did swim out to the reef bells, nothing exotic there. But, while walking back, I saw one of those things that I learned the name of but forget - long, thin, silver and just hovers under the surface. Followed him a while, and no one else even saw it. Then I got back to my "clamshell" and grabbed a cookie leftover from lunch, fed the 5 fish I saw and all of a sudden the 5 became 50. It was really like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. lol And they would not leave me alone, even after the cookie was all gone. I hope raisins are good for fish!

We had great weather overall, except for Tortola, and those of us on the 4 hour snorkel trip had the best weather from what we heard. Downpour at Sugar Cane Bay, but we just had sprinkles here and there - no big deal, except for anything you may have left on the ship.

As soon as my bonus gets deposited, I'm booking this cruise - room mate or not!
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