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Default Re: Az. Journey Oct 30 - Need Balcony?

Originally Posted by nsbirdie
We are looking at taking the Azamara Journey October 30 Barcelona return with # of stops in Italy. On our last (1st) cruise, we had a nice stern balcony on HAL Noordam but that was the Caribbean. As temperatures,
I assume, will be a bit brisk, how important do people think having a balcony is? I know even visually it seemed to give us a feeling of being less cramped even if we were not using it which we rarely did.

Also, I see prices being quoted: Do people have favorite sites for getting the best cruise prices?



The SV (stern balcony) cabins are more expensive than the standard balcony cabin. The CC, 1A, and cat 2 cabins are identical in size. The CC cabins give you a couple more amenities such as Champagne and upgraded soaps.

My preference is to book a cat 2 balcony cabin because they are identical and are on Deck 6.

An inside or outside cabin on Quest or Journey, while functional, is not extremely spacious. They are well designed but can feel a bit cramped. This is my personal opinion and I am biased because I love balcony cabins.

I suggest using and look for the best rate.

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