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Default Re: 40 yo SF looking 4 cabin mate 4 NCL Caribbean Cruise 11/


Sounds like you son is well on his way to a life of diving and great vacations! It is much more interesting when you have a clue as to what you're looking at (beyond barracudas and eagle rays).

Unfortunately, we didn't see the octopus, and had to beat feat - or fins - back to the ship as we were that last ones to get back. lol Oops. We watched our time better on the second stop.

The reef balls weren't bad, just nothing to write home about after a couple of days of snorkeling some good spots. No turtles at all. One of our group saw some seahorses along the rocks, but it was kind of choppy and all churned up so I couldn't see anything there! My co-snorkeler also dived at Grand Turk and said the reef there was great - fairly pristine.

Manatees reminds me of a guy I used to work with about 8-10 years ago. He and his friends went to Hollywood, FL around spring break cause they never went during college. He was out swimming and thought he saw a manatees swimming below him. He said he practically walked on water getting back to the beach. Then he realized it was only his shadow! I can't believe he admitted to that! Oh yeah, he was 26 at the time.

Enjoy the long weekend - I'm guessing you have Monday off.


Originally Posted by Divemaster

Sounds like you had a blast. My kiddo has one unconscious diver rescue to go and he's a PADI Jr. Rescue Diver and Jr. Master Diver. Meanwhile I have his scout buddies doing the Lifesaving Merit Badge at 10:00. He's not quite too cool for dad yet.

Lights will help for color restoration at depth or for poking around. Down on our coast we have rigs and pipes and such where octopi hang out. Victor, a fellow pro recently had his light and was tapping on a pipe with the handle of his dive knife when the octopus inside made a grab for his gear.

Surprized on the state of the reef balls - a few dozen different critters were hanging there when I last looked. BTW, we feed the freshwater perch, bass, and catfish hotdogs with no harm. Freshwater turtles, too. Just have to watch out because these guys can nip. Also, BTW, you can get small drybags at sporting goods stores which are great to keep what needs to be kept dry from the elements on boat trips, although thick mil garbage bags work in a pinch and will spot you as a small rain poncho.

Enjoy cruising and hanging with the fishies. If you like these guys, you should see manatees. Crystal River in Florida is a good spot for snorkeling with them.


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