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Default Re: Az. Journey Oct 30 - Need Balcony?


Originally Posted by You
We are looking at taking the Amazara Journey October 30 Barcelona return with # of stops in Italy. On our last (1st) cruise, we had a nice stern balcony on HAL Noordam but that was the Caribbean. As temperatures,
I assume, will be a bit brisk, how important do people think having a balcony is? I know even visually it seemed to give us a feeling of being less cramped even if we were not using it which we rarely did.
I don't think that a balcony -- or even a window -- is very important at all. These ships have plenty of public lounges and public open decks where you can look out or, weather permitting, go out to take in the scenery. In particular, the promenades should have deck lounges where absolutely nobody will bother you.

Originally Posted by You
Also, I see prices being quoted: Do people have favorite sites for getting the best cruise prices?
The cruise lines now have very strict policies forbidding travel agents from offering discounts or perks out of their commissions. Thus, your travel local "brick & mortar" travel agency should quote exactly the same fares as the company's web site and all Internet agencies unless one or another is forming a group.

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