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Default Re: Stockholder Shares/discount


Originally Posted by Platt
Can anyone tell me about this and how one goes about purchasing them?
You can buy and sell shares of Celebrity's parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE: RCL), only through a licenced stock broker.

What type of discount do you receive and does it depend on how many
shares of stock you buy? How far ahead do you have to do this before
you reserve a cruise??
As others have stated, you must own at least one hundred (100) shares to obtain the benefit, which is in the form of a shipboard credit (not a reduction of the price of a cruise). The amount of the credit depends upon the length of the cruise, as Mike posted. You will not get an additional credit for ownership of more shares, and it's limited to one credit per cabin (so if two eligible shareholders with separate shipboard accounts share a cabin, each gets half). The benefit is in addition to the normal returns (dividends and growth in price over the long term) that you would expect on the stock, and you can use it as often as you cruise. The company introduced this benefit for an initial period of one year about four or five years ago, and has renewed it annually since.

The official announcement of the benefit, which includes instructions as to how to obtain it, and a FAQ about the benefit are available on the parent company's investor web site.

Personally, I hold considerably more than the minimum 100 shares to obtain the benefit because I think that this company has a great future that will pay nice returns to its investors. Nonetheless, I need to state the usual disclaimers that the stock of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. mignt or might not be a suitable investment for you and that informing you of this benefit does not constitute either a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell the stock. You should consult your broker, accountant, or other personal financial advisors for advice tailored to your financial situation.

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