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Default Re: continue sick about victory

Mom's griping BEFORE the cruise?

Wow, great way to leave for a vacation.

Here's my 2 cents - relax and have a good time. Will everything be perfect? No. Will you smell smoke sometimes? Yes. Will you have to wait on line? Yes.

Time to repeat - relax, and have a good time.

I read so many posts on these boards from people who sound like they expect perfection. It ain't gonna happen.

This morning, I saw 2 threads asking about "movement" on a certain deck or in the dining room. You are on a ship, for pete's sake. Yes, it will move. You don't want movement stay on land.

Now, to read Mom's going on and on about all these problems on a ship BEFORE she even went on her cruise, it's just too much. I understand people asking questions and wanting to know about different aspects of a cruise, but please, save the complaints for afterwards!
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