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Default Re: continue sick about victory

Everyone here is giving you pretty good advice and this would go for any of the cruiselines or ships as well and not just Carnival. I have done 16 cruises on CCL and on many differant ships and we have yet to smell sewage un the cabins. We have also yet to smell smoke. A couple of staff members have been rude but out of the hundreds or probably thousands we have met that is a pretty low number. For the most part we have always had good to great service. I can think of one time on HAL the two servers were very poor at our table but great at the one we moved to. On the now defunk Ren cruiseline I had a waitress that literally tossed a dessert tray on the table and ask if we just want to grab what we like from there or can we wait long enough for her to manage to get what we order! (Yes I reported her) Also once on the Ecstacy we had a very poor waiter but the busboy was pretty good. This has been the same experiance on all ships, some are just better or worse than the others and I don't think it matters all that much what ship or line they are from. As Anne said, the food on CCL is good enough that I would put it up against any other mainstream cruiseline. As for lines, hey, yeah we have seen some lines that are pretty slow but it isn't the cruiselines fault, it is the passengers that fiddle faddle around and are rude. The larger ships have four or five or more places to eat, it is up to you to deciede which one you want to get in. Usually it isn't more than a 10-15 minute wait and that is in the specialty areas like the deli. Regular buffet lines are maybe 5 minutes max.

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