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Huh? Really shouldn't answer personal attacks but maybe just this once. <G> You can bring on a few bottles of wine and I think that is great as the selection of wine is very much a concern for most wine drinkers. It is allowed just for that reason. They even look the other way on a 6 or 12pack of beer and even moreso if it is a brand they don't carry just as they do with soft drinks. Many people like Pepsi products and they don't sell them onboard so some folks bring some with them. If you bar bill is around a hundred dollars a day, I don't care how expensive the drinks are, you are probably consuming too much to be good for your body. Not morals, just a medical fact there buddy. I simpley do not try and spend my time telling or thinking of ways to sneak alcohol onboard a cruiseship. It just is not that important to me. As for me having good morals, why thank you, I do try because I know others do judge and I wish to set a good example for my friends, children and others. Sometimes I don't quite make it, but I try. <G>

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