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Originally Posted by Sherrie Platt
Norm: Thanks for all the info - question?? - can you get double shipboard
credits?? for instance - as a stockholder and if that particular cruise is
offering onboard credit to all bookings in general??
Often times the share holder credit can not be used in conjunction with any other coupon or certain discounts. In all fairness it should be mentioned that these stock holder credits are also available on virtually every other cruise line.

One thing that I might add to Norm's well written dissertation on buying RCL stock is that I can't think of any poorer reason to buy RCL stock than to maybe get a $100 on board credit for a cruise. I am not a big stock holder in RCl, as Norm said he was, and in fact I do not own any cruise lines stocks.

My opinion, which has the exact amount of twenty-twenty hindsight as Norm's has, would be that given the poor economic climate here in the US and world wide, coupled with rising fuel prices and world wide terrorist threats, would make buying stock in any cruise line not very appealing to me. If tough times should come, and I sure hope they don't, common sense says that cruising would be the first thing that people would take out of their budget and thus cruise stock prices would fall.

Just my opinion.
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