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Default Re: Post dinner attire

Originally Posted by Rev22:17

Originally Posted by You
Are jeans acceptable after dinner for shows or dancing?
First time cruiser here.
As of my last Princess cruise (which was in April 2003), the line's published policy was that "The prescribed evening attire applies throughout the ship, except designated casual areas, after 6:00 PM." Nonetheless, I found enforcement of that policy to be non-existent, with the practical consequence that many passengers did change into "casual" clothing after dinner.

And that lack of enforcement, BTW, is one of the reasons why I have not cruised with Princess since 2003....

I agree that the official policy for formal night is that it is not just through dinner but rather all night, but there many who either don't know about it or chooses to ignore it.

As for not sailing Princess because some felt they did not enforce the dress code, on my last Celebrity cruise I saw a guy in the main dining room, on formal night, wearing a tank top tee shirt and no one said anything to him. In all fairness, with all of the problems that Celebrity has had, with the many problems with the defect in the propulsion system, that would be the least of my worries about Celebrity.
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