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Default Re: continue sick about victory

I agree with everyone here...Godd Grief!- chill out! We have been on Carnival many times and have been on the Victory twice in the past 2 years, with a beautiful balcony cabin all the time. It is a joy having a balcony to further enhance your cruise experience being able to sit out there and just relish the ocean air and breeze, with a large window that looks out over the open ocean. Sometimes I stand out there against the railing and my family has to pull me away. We have never smelled smoke in our cabin. Also, everyone is always worried about motion, and the food. Like they is a ship...and it is moving...and it is out in the open ocean. If the seas are a little rough you will feel the rocking a little more. Even though we get a balcony up high about midship, we can still feel it but that is what lulls me to sleep in about 2 seconds! As for food on the Victory or any other Carnival ship, it is indeed excellent. Yes, they do have alot of people to feed and if I go to the buffet for lunch right when they open the line around 12pm, I wait a little until the line goes down. The deli line is usually long since it is popular and they make everything fresh right in front of is not just tubs of food hanging out like the buffet. But even when I have waited in the buffet line, it has never been more than about 5 minutes and they have always had both sides open, plus the dessert station, chinese, deli place, outside grill and pizza station. If one is crowded you have plenty other options to get something else in the meantime. Carnival gives you a great vacation for the money...just think of how much it would cost for a family of four to fly to St. Thomas, stay at a 4 star resort for 7 nights, pay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks each day, plus car rental, and you would be breaking the bank and spending double compared to the cruise....all you have to worry about is having the time of your life every day, participating in anything or everything you want, eating 20 times a day if you want to, and seeing beautiful ports of call....couldn't get any better than that!
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