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Default Re: continue sick about victory

Remember back when if you " read it in the newspaper , heard or saw it on t.v. " it had to be true ?? Now, apparently if you read it on the inter-net, it has to be true.

Reviews sometimes are just vents by people who, for whatever reason, didn't like their cruise. It's hard to please 3,000 people on a ship. If 98 % are happy, that leaves 2 % or 60 people who are not happy and 60 unhappy people can create a stir.

With regards to the chinese buffet not being open all the time, no it's not. It's not open at 7 am. for breakfast, nor in case someone staggers by at 2 am and decides they want egg-foo-yung, they are out of luck. There are 2 lines to the buffet and I have never in a couple dozen cruises seen anyone stand in line 45 minutes for food. If someone is really ignorant enough to wait 45 minutes in the buffet line, he deserves to have to stand there and then be given a cold weenie for his lunch.

If you want a premium seat by the main pool, you will have to roust out early and go. If you sleep in, as many do, and go shuffling off to the pool around 11-12 o'clock, then don't expect to get that prize seat.

One person making sandwiches for 2700 people at the deli ?? -----wonder if everyone aboard decided to eat ham and cheese for lunch all on the same day at the same time ? That would have been a prime time to go through the buffet, would it not ?

Mom, it's your cruise, not mine but I do honestly have to say, unless you change a lot in a short time, methinks you may be disappointed. Don't believe everything you read or hear about cruising. Most cruiselines give a good value for what you pay, keeping in mind a ship ( regardless of how big it's touted to be, ) has a lot of people confined in a fairly small space. Relax, don't let every little detail put you in a " tizzy ". Go with the flow.

Remember, there will be people looking for something to complain about so don't get bogged down with them. You can have a great cruise--- it's up to you and the people you are cruising with.
Good luck
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