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Default Re: Attire on European cruise


Originally Posted by You
Taking a cruise on May 8-21 around Italy. Heard mixed reviews on the attire. Some say cool and casual because it's hot, others say it's still cool weather. Any suggestions on what to wear? And what would be the appropriate attire for the cruise, especially at night. I'm used to caribbean cruising which is more relaxed and casual. Can I wear jeans for dinner on the not formal nights?

Thanks in advance.
I could be wrong, but I think that Royal Caribbean permits jeans in the dining room. Of course, the best advice is always to follow the guidance on dress published by the cruise line.

Climatologically, May is a great time to visit the Mediterranean. The weather generally is warm enough so you don't need a jacket during the daytime, but not oppressively hot and humid -- ideal for sightseeing.

As to going ashore, you will find that many of the shore excursions in Mediterranean ports visit churches and other houses of worship that have significant works of art. These houses of worship enforce very strict dress codes -- especially in Italy. Italy's churches generally require clothing to cover the shoulders, the knees, and everything between completely for both men and women. Capris and knickers are fine, but shorts are not. Likewise, skirts or dresses are fine so long as they fall below the knee. If you want to wear a top or a dress with "spaghetti straps" or a strapless design, bring a shawl to throw over your shoulders while you are inside. Also, so-called "cleavage" obviously is not acceptable.

I should also mention that some of the churches also require women to cover their heads with a hat or a scarf while inside.

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