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Default Re: Is sea sickness like car sickness?

Originally Posted by lauera9482
I get car sick really easily if I try to read something. Does this mean I will get sea sick if I read something on the ship? I don't have any problems on planes I can read fine without getting sick. Are ships similar to planes or cars?

I have been on many small habor cruise ships in Boston and didn't get sick, but is it easier to get sick on a big ship or small ship?

I will be going on my first cruise soon and am getting worried about this.
I strongly doubt that you will become seasick if you take a cruise. Becoming car sick while reading is because your body is feeling one thing while your eyes are seeing another. The only exception that I can think of is if you spend a lot of time in an inside cabin with fairly rough seas.

I would be precautionary and take Bonine (Meclizine) with you.

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