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Default Re: Re: continue sick about victory

No extra charge for the one liners Jim.
I feel badly for this sweet Mom. Her concerns are real as far as the picture she has in her head of what she is venturing into.
Dear sweet lady, relax and enjoy yourself. I absolutely promise that only 2300 passengers will get on line at the same time at the deli. They will only dump the raw sewage out on the pool deck once or twice during your cruise and the Philip Morris smokers convention has only half of the balconey rooms on your ship. The other half are rented by the Jack Daniels heavy drinker convention. I kid you. Cruising is a wonderful relaxing experience. Folks seriously enjoy catering to your whims and requirements. Relax Mom. Enjoy your vacation and be sure to come back here and tell us how you liked it.
Happy Cruising
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