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I just filled out my fun pass info. yesterday and upon searching the Carnival site I saw that the corkage fee is $10.00. The site stated that you may bring on wine initially but if you buy some at a port they will hold it until the end of the trip. Also, their site states that a small amount of soft drinks and bottled water is allowed. Why bother you ask? Well when you have a family of 6 (3 teenagers included) a stiff drink is often very welcome.!! Also, buying soda or nonalcoholic frou frou drinks all day for 7 days for 6 people can get expensive so smuggling a little for myself helps. Last cruise we bought 2 soda passes for th family. We just kept filling up the mug they gave us and alternated who got to use the soda pass. Is it so bad to just want to save a few bucks? At $6000 for the cruise and about another $600-800 for excursions not to mention the souvenirs everyone will want every little bit helps.
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