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Originally Posted by Decorator
Thanks Captain for the link. I used that website to write an email and have asked them to help me figure this out. If they don't answer before we go, I will try to get around Long Beach with the information that you gave me. Any $$ savings would go a long way for us. Although I have traveled a fair amount I have always been with my husband who I expect to do all the thinking for us. This time this blonde has to be the brains of the travelling duo.

If they don't answer you, DO NOT EVEN WORRY about it.
LGB (Long Beach Airport) is a real small airport, the bus stops right outside the single terminal, it's a small terminal too. It will take you to downtown Long Beach, then you board the C Red Passport bus/trolley.
The bus driver will show you were to board that. As I said, don't even be concerned.
I'd rather see you spend those $50 bucks on fun stuff on your cruise rather than on a cab fare!

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