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Originally Posted by Trip
Can you share a little bit about the line for those of us who have not had the pleasure? Thanks.....
Best part of the Sitmar line was the excellent dining experience. The waiters and kitchen staff were all Italian and Portuguese, with the food type centered around Italian. The pastas were amazing as were all food. The dining room was formal but fun. The Head Waiters were very attentive to each passenger instead of the running traffic mode they are in today. Dishes were often prepared table side as treats and they were as excellent as what came out of the kitchen.

There were the massive midnight buffets too back then. The full blown extravaganza that I really wonder how I was able to attend after the big dinners - I was much younger then :-)

The entertainment and cruise staff were great though a bit geared to the older crowd than I would have liked but I was in my 20s back then. Nonetheless, it was good entertainment and quite fun.

If you traveled often you became friends with many of the crew - who were all wonderful people. Because of the small number of ships back then (2-3) you were bound to run into crew from a previous cruise when you return. That gave the experience a warmness that just isn't found these days.

The ports were great and I loved the Panama Canal cruises the best though I'd probably go anywhere on the ships.

If only time travel was possible...... :-)
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