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Originally Posted by hp68508
Thanks Captian. You know alot about the mexican Rivera.

From HP Printer...

You are certainly welcome HP.
We've done the Mexican Riviera so many times now that I have also convinced myself that I can speak Spanish! A Spanish speaking Gringo!
But seriously, I used to hate Mexico, I always used to tell the Mrs "You wanna go to Mexico, I'll drive you to downtown Los Angeles" Over
the years it has grown on me, beautiful huge expanse of beaches on the Pacific side. And oh the people, so friendly and family-oriented. Pity it is still much much third world in many areas because I do think it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth for natural beauty.
We love it so much, we were on a cruise there last week on the Elation, see my review and we are goin back again next week on the Paradise.

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