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I appreciate the responses. When the bantering started, people revealed different perspectives about 'freestyle' style cruising.

My observation is that NCL offers a greater variety of dining choices . However, it seems that with the exception of traditional dining assigned times, dinner time is no more flexible on NCL than on other lines . It also comes with the compromise of having no set formal nights. Some think it's the best and other's can pass on it.

Citing back to the original post and some subsequent posts, my wife and I decided we would be happy with either NCL, Princess, or HAL. We liked the idea of my parents choosing. My sister immediatly objected and accused my wife and me of being inflexible if we couldn't accept sailing on NCL. She announced she would only sail on NCL. I predict the 'family' cruise isn't going to happen. If not, we'll return to the plan of our own cruise.

My wife and I thought it would be nice to go on a cruise and only pack five bathing suits, five T-shirts, and a pair of sandals. Our conclusion is the only real compromise of sailing NCL would be not having a formal night.

Maybe an idea for NCL would be to have formal alternative restaurant. this way, we wouldn't be the only ones in tuxes and gowns.

Happy sailing...
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