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(Sorry this has gone off topic)

PWRSTRK wrote:

"I just think you and your sister are incompatible and shouldn't cruise together at all."

Sadly, you are very correct. Everytime I try to deal with her it turns out the exact same way. I'm accused of being anal and rigid because I don't want to do things her way. Ironically in this case my parents don't want to cruise her way and she won't accept any other way.

The original intent was that my wife and I cruise on our own. Then my mother really wanted to try to have all of us cruise together. I've cruised with my parents in the past and I thought it was awesome.

(Now back on cruise topic) I've found that cruising is the way to travel with relatives. You can spend as much time together or apart as you want. The cruise experience offers so many varied activities as to please almost all pallets.

At first I was reluctant to try NCL. However ,after hearing from all of you (the good and the bad) I know what to expect and I think it would be fun. It just wouldn't be my first choice.

Now that the family war has re-commenced, my wife and I will return to our original plan. The sad aspect of this is that my parents still want to cruise. If we invite just my parents, my sister will cause consternation and accuse me colluding against her.

Cunard sounds like it would be great. I am interested in your aspect of why you feel I should be sailing Cunard. They are a bit of a budget stretch for me.

Thanks for you interest!

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