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We cruise as family activity -- the two of us and each of our parents. It's great... we can all do our own thing and we get together for two meals a day, generally, and see who wants to go to shows, etc., together, but there is no obligation for always-togetherness.

You would enjoy the formal 'edge' on Cunard. Everything you said about formal dress and formal night is true on Cunard. And no one looks at you twice for being formal, even if it's not formal night! It was fun for that reason. We enjoy the total relaxation, informal atmosphere of NCL for another kind of vacation.

Why not arrange to cruise with your parents, since you clearly would enjoy that, then invite your sister along for whatever cruise you've chosen? At least you're being open to her coming along that way, without caving to her demands. Not that I should be interfering with your family dynamics...
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