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Originally Posted by BetWes
Where is the best place to view the rise & fall of the tide?
The tides here in the Bay of Fundy have a range of 40 feet, give or take, depending on the stages of the moon. There are two complete cycles every 24 hours with six hours between a high tide and a low tide. Therefore you would have to be in a place for several hours to appreciate the tidal range. One place to get an appreciation of the tides is to take a shore excursion from Saint John to St Martins and the sea caves. The harbour in St. Martins drains almosgt completely at low tide and all the fishing boat sit on their sides until they are refloated by the rising tide. There are a couple of charming covered bridges (still used) next to the harbour and it is possible to capture both of them in one photograph.

As the tide falls it is possible to walk out over the very rocky beach to the sea caves. St. Martins is just a small village and very picturesque. It is one of my favourite places to poke around in. It is about a 45 minute drive from Saint John. It doesn't look that far on a map but the road is twisty turny and two lane.
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