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I was on Magen Bay in St. Thomas. I was in the water talking to a husband and wife who were on the same ship as me. They were relating stories about their two teenage daughters' antics aboard the ship.

First, the father thought it was funny that one daughter (16) had come to the cabin the night before with a hicky on her neck. He thought it was a hoot!! :evil: Unbelievable.

Then he points to the shore and says, "there she is." I say "where?" He points out this person walking along the waterline.

She was quite chunky. Not really fat but with excess flesh in all the wrong places as some teen girls tend to have. She had on a black bikini that was at least 3 sizes too small. In fact, between her bikini bottom being too small and her flesh hanging over her belly, at first glance it looked like she didn't have on any bathing suit bottom at all. She was a mess!!! She was small up top and non-existent in the back but had at least 20 pounds of excess flesh hanging off of her gut. She had a very unattractive body type made worse by her choice of bathing attire.

I looked at her and then looked at the parents and just shook my head.

My guess is that the parents were so busy trying to make her feel pretty, sexy and desireable that neither of them told her that a properly sized bathing suit (of any style) would be much more attractive than squeezing all of that flab into a suit not meant for her body type.

BTW, the other daughter was a slim, trim, shapely knock out.
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