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I packed 3 shirts, 5 tank tops, 3 shorts, 1 long pants, 1 dress pants, 2 ress shirts, 2 capri's, the usual undergarments, and by bathing suit. I didn't wear one dress shirt because we only went to one formal night and one of the two capri's. I wore everything at twice or more. I did NOT overpack, I could have packed better.

Next cruise I'll probably bring the two big suitcases again, but this time I don't have to bring long pants, one less capri, and only one dressy shirt for formal night! Three less items isn't much, but if I pack right I might be able to squeeze it all into one large and then I can bring the small 19" instead of a big one....

I won't bother bringing battery chargers for my digital camera. The rechargables aren't holding as much of a charge as they used to, despite being relatively new and only charged up perhaps a dozen times each. I can use the back up lithium/titanium disposables when the rechargables die. Also, with the change in lithium batteries in carry-on I'll only be able to take one camcorder battery because I have three spare lithium when the limit is two!.....oh well, I didn't use my video camera that much...

Health/beauty--I can get it all into six ziplock bags!!!

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