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Why because they can, its that simple. Its their choice of personal swim wear,

Taking this as a bit of fun, but actually its not really is it for some of you, whats your agenda?

Really are you..... are.... You all so perfect to look at others,,mm and in who's eyes..yours , laughing my nuts off.

Lets kick others that we meet may on ship that dont fit our VISIONS,,,mmmm...there is too much of that.

If you begin a post or gripe regarding a cruise ship and your gripe is the dress sense either formal, informal casual, or beach wear regarding your fellow passengers or their other ability to style or their weight to wear some things....slippy slope.

Personally,,, you may think you look "perfect", but maybe I may think different, I could look at you and think tart, to much whatever!! Its all opinion and I have that same right to say so.

But I dont... as I have respect for that other person.

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