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I speak to women here. For some reason, somewhere, there has been some legislature passed that states that it is perfectly acceptable fashion sense to wear (spell that squeeze into) anything that strikes your fancy that you find hanging on the racks in the mall.

Take low rise jeans for example. At least 90% of the women who wear them look horrible. Absolutely terrible. Many walk around looking like muffins spilling out of a cupcake pan. How do they justify this God-awful fashion look?

Someone tell me when was the fashion laws changed that made it o.k. to wear clothing that highlighted and accented the extra 30+ pounds that many women carry these days. (Including yours truly).

And why in the world would a 350+ pound or bigger woman buy (a) stretch skintight jeans and (b) add a waist length, clinched at the waist shiny, tight jacket. Why do they do that? Then they add some poor innocent belt that is being tortured to hold all of that in!!!

Just today, I am in Dollar Tree store. There was a women in there with low rise jeans that were so tight and she had so much fat hanging over the waistband, that I cannot figure out how it could not be very painful.

NEW RULE: If your midriff is bigger than your bottom, skintight slacks are NOT for you!!!!

NEW RULE: If your midriff is not trim and relatively firm, tight, form fitting sweaters are NOT for you!!!

Sorry but it is something I see all the time and I can't figure out how these women do not realize how horrible it looks to have all of that fat squeezed out all over the place.

Have the fashion police been disbanded in the fight against terrorist?

It is not an indictment on size or shape but on fashion decisions.

Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it.
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