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Even though the Mrs and myself cruise a lot and I mean a lot , by no means do I consider myself an expert on things balconies because we only book insides although we have lucked out from time to time and been upgraded. So the following is just my opinion based on what I know about the Pride's layout:
1) Because the Pride is designed with a sloping back, I think that the lower level balconies located at back of the ship might allow you some more privacy from prying eyes looking down from the open decks!
2) The only other comment I have heard about from time to time about balconies located on the back of the ship is that you might occasionally experience soot deposits, ya know, that black stuff emitted thru the smokestack/funnel!
Other than that and if those things are not an issue for ya, I see no reason why you would not choose a rear facing balcony. But maybe others with more experience in this regard might chime in with their views.

The Mexican Riviera is one of our favorite runs, I think we must have done it, gosh, what? 12-15 times or so! Any questions, just feel free to ask, you will find folks here happy and WILLING to share with a newbie.

Check these links out too:

As for food choices: Prepare to eat and eat and eat. Choices? Ya gotta be kiddin. From Buffets, Deli/Sanwich Bars, Pizzeria, Traditional Dining Rooms, Optional Pay Restaurant (David's), Burger/Hot Dog Grill and oh, if all that still leaves ya hungry, try 24-hr room service!
Wine: It is safe to assume you can carry with you onboard 1 bottle of wine each.

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