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Originally Posted by alembicman
Hi, just got back from NCL Majesty,this is our 8th cruise,4 w/NCL, and out last with NCL. I personally don't like the freestyle, everyone decides to go eat at the same time, we waited 30-45 minutes for dinner at the dining room. Also, with assigned seating you have the same waiters evry time, you build a repore w/them,assuring good service,(and you know who to tip in the end I think freestyle detracts from the whole cruise experience.We had 1 formal night for pictures,no captains dinner,no send off dinner,also I know they want it to be casual but under the freestyle rules people dressed like slobs. By the way,you won't feel overdressed with a tux,some of us still have the decency to dress appropiatley,hope this response helps and happy cruising,DENNIS
Dennis, did it take you 4 times on NCL to decide freestyle wasn't for you or were your other 3 cruises before Freesyle which has been around now for close to 10 years, 7 to be exact. As for the dress code, this is one thing that many debate all the time. for some dressing up for dinner is part of cruising and yes, everyone always looks so nice in their suits, after 5 dresses or whatever, but on Princess a few weeks ago there were some on formal night that came to dinner wearing turtle neck shirts and dockers, certainly not very formal. On other nights men were wearing shorts and rubber flip flops. I don't mean a few men and some women, I mean lots. I think many of us, especially Americans have become very casual in everything we do.

If this was your first experience with Freestyle remember, the Majesty was not designed for freestyle so it doesn't work as well as it does on other ships. When the Dream and Majesty are gone all NCL ships will be totally Freestyle designs.

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