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Default first cruise

Well, I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm and advice. I have been a it of a frady-cat about making the decision to go on this trip. This cruise was choosen by my aunt so we were a little hesitant about going on a trip (and spending so much) for something we didn't choose (I will be travelling with my mom) but once that ticket is purchased, then it will be time to try not to worry we made the right decision to go, and just start to get excited, and, today is the day I have to take the plunge I think I will select the back balcony, it sounds nice to be able to see on both sides of the ship vs. just one.

Your comments about enjoying the Mexican Riviera locations has helped me feel a little better too as I don't yet know much about each of our destinations. It is a big relief to hear you like it enough to keep going back, makes me more excited about our trip.

Thank you so much for alleviating some of my worries and heightening my excitement.
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