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Default Re: Currency on South American Cruise

Originally Posted by Jschaffa
I just want to know if I will need local currencies for incidental expenses when going ashore in Chile and Uruguay. We have a post cruise package in Buenos Aires and I know that I will need Argentinian Pesos then. Can someone who has cruised this itinerary please let me know. Thanks.
While I can't say specifically for those ports, as a general rule, in the shops close to the port, they will take American dollars. If this becomes part of your plan, it is always a good idea when traveling abroad to carry lots of singles. You don't stand a good chance of getting change when paying in dollars. And if you do happen to get change, you'll typically get it in local currency. Having small bills facilitates this.

Two soapbox items if you'll indulge me.......

1. Don't sweat over the change. Sometimes we go on 'autopilot' expecting (exact) change. In many South and Central American ports, trying to get some change even from local currency may be a matter of a few nickles and dimes. Let the shop keeper keep it if they don't have the coinage readily available. It just might make his day.

2. When I wind up with extra foreign currency, use it in your tip envelope or as an extra tip. Personally, I add it to what ever I was going to tip anyway. Afterall- I may not ever go back to Uruagy, but the bus-boy or pool-guy is probably heading there next week, and the week after, etc. At least he can use it to buy a few things in port.

Final point.... when are you heading to those ports and on what ship? I'm heading that way March 16th on Celebrity.
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