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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen
My motto is if you don't look like the folks below don't criticize others no matter what size they are and what they are wearing! 8)

I can never look like that. My skin is brown.

However, looking good is not limited to people shaped like those in this picture you have included. It is quite possible for someone 85 pounds to look lovely or handsome just like someone who is 300 pounds. There are so many fashion choices these days that accentuate the good while camoflauging the bad that it is not that much work to put together an outfit that, rather than draw eyes to the bad and unflattering parts of your body it draws eyes towards to good.

I have seen some plus size women that are absolutely stunning. Because they understand their body and what works and doesn't work, it takes a double take to even realize they are so-called "plus sized". What I notice in stores is that when you are not proportioned to wear some of the latest teeny bopper fashions, you can have fun with color and coordination. With just a little care, you can end up with a look that is age, size and shape appropriate without giving up the ability to be fashionable or sexy.

There are just so many ways to look good without going over the top.

It was not that the young girl on the beach was so overweight (she wasn't). It was that she didn't take the time to compare various types of bathing suits when taking an honest look at her body. She would have been cute as a button in a swimdress or even a one-piece that had a little control in the midriff. She didn't do that. Rather she put on a micro bikini and walked around looking like an upright baby whale.
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