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Automatic tipping should be certainly be stopped. Tips are for and ONLY for good service recieved! To take tips before you have recieved any service at all is just not on.
I have in the past tipped my "assitant waiter" more than the waiter as the assistant did far more for us than the waiter ever did!
The comment that all these guys who look after us on the ships get paid very little is indeed true BUT they do make an absolute fortune comparred to what they would make if they were back home! The sad fact is that any tips paid by us support a whole family acoss the other side of the world!
If the cruise companies paid decent wages in the first place, then this would surely solve the problem. If cruise lines stopped selling cruises so cheaply in the USA and charged around the same that we in the UK have to pay then they would be able to pay their staff some decent wages.
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